4 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods Chosen By Professionals

Many homeowners opt for carpets when it comes to flooring related site. Carpets look great and keep the floors soft. They will notice the cleanliness of your carpets. Carpet cleaners are needed in Wimbledon for this very reason. The carpets are simply too heavy to be cleaned on a regular basis. We should still hire professionals to do this, at least once every month. It is possible to do it on your own if the time is available and you have all the necessary tools. Hiring professionals to wash your carpets can have many benefits. They are professionals and have years of experience. Take a look at this article if your goal is to find a carpet cleaning business that you can trust. Before selecting your carpet cleaning service, it is important that you are familiar with all the types of methods.

Heat water extraction

Steam cleaning may also be referred to as hot water extraction. Steam cleaning uses hot water in order to dissolve dirt. The professionals will inspect the carpets thoroughly when they first arrive. They will then apply cleaner to carpets and leave it for a short time. Then the rug will cleaned with tools and equipment. After cleaning the carpet, it will be placed into a drying chamber. Cleaning a carpet is usually done in two hours and drying takes another five. When you clean your carpets at the end of the day, they will dry for all night.

Cleaning carpets

This method became popular in 1970. This method will work best if it has been a long while since you had a carpet cleaned or if they are sufficiently clean. This method has one downside, which is that the foam gets left in your carpet. The foam takes time to completely dry. If the foam is not rinsed off after using the shampooing method, it may become sticky.


This method utilizes synthetic detergents in order to remove dirt. Once the foam is dry, the dirt inside the fiber will get trapped. The foam can then be removed by using a soft toothbrush. Since there is no water involved in the cleaning, it will take much less time for the foam to dry. This is the reason it has become popular among most cleaning firms. Due to limitations, it is not recommended for heavy-soiled rugs.

Carpet cleaning

Dry carpeting has been proven as one of the most efficient cleaning methods. This method has long been used in Wimbledon by carpet cleaning companies. The carpets are first cleaned using a cleaning solution based on the power of the machine. This compound will stay on your carpet for 2 hours. After cleaning the carpet with a counter rotating motorized scrubber, it will be wiped down using a vacuum cleaner. It can be used for any type carpet.

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