Commercial Security Doors are the Right Choice for Assured Safety

The commercial security door comes in many different types to meet a multitude of requirements. Your business’s needs will determine the level of safety you need. The commercial security doors are made of a range of materials including metal, glass and solid wood. You will also have to decide whether or not you require an external, internal or both. Read here!

Specially designed commercial security doors may be constructed to be bullet resistant, fireproof, blast proof, or corrosion-resistant. Commercial locks can be found everywhere in businesses. A commercial lock is an excellent investment, as it keeps valuable storage safe and secure.

Types of Commercial Security Locks

Exit Control

Commercial security door locks like the exit control lock are very popular. Most commonly it’s used at the back door. You must adhere to some regulations when you use it. Select a lock made from cast aluminum to avoid corrosion. It will also be more resistant against attacks. Also, the battery powering these exit locks will provide you with maximum security in case there isn’t any light. On the market, you can find exit bar signs that are in French (English), Chinese, Italian German Dutch and Dutch. For preventing robbery they have a deadbolt that is resistant to saws, and an alarm with high decibels.


They are also very user-friendly. A sleek, chic design is also included. It is important to have an LED alarm light on the device. Moreover, it is important that the card be swiped correctly.

Fingerprint Lock

This kind of commercial security locking system will relieve you of the stress of worrying that the lock key may be lost. It is equipped with biometric technology, which can read the fingerprint. This lock system contains the database for fingerprints. These locks can hold up to 100 prints.

Today, doors with certification are much in demand. This is because they have been certified and tested by registered bodies. They are not allowed to be placed on the market unless this is done. To ensure that users have confidence in both the product and the business, these doors are thoroughly tested and certified. In addition, the doors are checked to see if they can withstand other conditions like heat, humidity, cold, snow and wind.

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