Common Carpet Cleaning Service Techniques

The best way to clean your carpet is by choosing the method that fits your needs read more here. Even though you can care for your carpets through regular vacuuming and stain removal treatments, investing in a deep-cleaning process is the best option. It will keep your floors looking clean and fresh.

You can use these methods to clean your carpets.

Hot Water

The method is also called steam cleaning. The machine sprays the hot solution of detergent on the surface. It vacuums up the solution immediately. Professional companies are extremely cautious about the amount of water used. In the event that there is too little water, it is possible that the padding below will get wet. This can lead to mold and mildew problems. You may attract more dirt to your house if you use a detergent that is too harsh or does not remove the old one thoroughly.

This method takes longer than other methods to dry. You can speed the process up by using fans, opening windows or turning on air conditioning.

Extraction of foam or dry powder

Powdered cleaners are used for the dry extraction technique. It is brushed onto the fabric using special machines. A vacuum can be used to remove dust and dirt from fabric. It’s common to use spray as a pre-treatment before applying dry chemicals. Be sure to vacuum any powder. You could find it on your clothes or shoes. It’s a favorite because you don’t have to dry it.

Foam removal is similar to the principle of hot water. The fabric is applied with a dry foam created by the air compressor. A rotating cylindrical brush is used to spread the foam into fibers. After the dirt or dust is bonded with foam, it can be cleaned using a rotating cylinder brush. Before and after you use this technique, make sure to vacuum thoroughly the surface. This is another option which takes longer for it to dry.

Rotary Shampoo

This technique involves using rotating brushes on a machine to push a cleansing substance into your fabric. The solution will be a foamy dirt-filled substance which is easily vacuumed by using wet cleaning. This process is discouraged by many carpet manufacturers due to possible damage caused to carpet fibers from brushes. As this is a wet process as well, the drying time could be extended. You may find that the surface shrinks or dries too quickly. This can cause shrinkage as well as an unpleasant odor.

Absorbent Pad

The method of using an absorbent pad involves spraying a solution on the surface. Wait for the chemicals to penetrate the fibers of the fabric and bring dirt to surface. It is then necessary to use a machine equipped with a large, absorbent spinning plate in order to remove the chemicals. The machine looks like a commercial floor buff. This method should only be used by professionals. The carpet may pucker.

A carpet cleaner may offer several methods. Each method was used for many years. If used correctly, each of these techniques will work well on nearly any surface. You should discuss your needs with as many businesses as possible.
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