Emma Frost Has Plastic Surgery

Famous comic book character admits she has had multiple plastic surgeries. Continue reading to discover more.

Emma Frost, a fictional female comic book character, revealed that she underwent plastic surgery to correct a problem with her nose find out more. Emma Frost said this on page 18 of the New X-Men comic series, during a discussion with Jean Grey. In later issues, the former X-Men antagonist admitted she’d had this procedure done on other parts, but the writers never said where. Despite all of this, Emma Frost has been the subject of several spin-off comic books, some of which focused on her youth, development, teenage life, and different roles within and outside Uncanny X-Men.

Emma Frost was originally introduced as White Queen of Hellfire Club – the society that used to be at odds with the main X-Men, led by Professor Xavier. Emma Frost’s power set varied issue to issue. However, the majority of them were telepathy-based. Emma Frost was given plastic surgery in the storyline, but her character could read minds, manipulate objects telepathically as well as have powers like memory alterations, astral projection, astral shock blasts and paralysis induction. She was later written as being able shift shape into a crystal, which would give superhuman strength to her like the Incredible Hulk.

Emma Frost’s character was in various cameos on North American television when the X-Men series developed between 1992-1997. First appearing in “The Phoenix Saga”, she was the White Queen. Her plastic surgery was not included in the plot, nor were her early years or background described. Emma Frost, at one point was on the Brotherhood of X-Men side. In one episode of the series Wolverine & The X-Men, Emma Frost is depicted wearing Cerebro – a device invented by Professor X and used in that show. She could appear in future X-Men film franchises as her plots are often the focus of many filmmakers’ adaptations.

Emma Frost’s live-action role in X-Men: The Last Stand was played by SigourneyWeaver. Tahyna Totti, an Australian model and actress who is also a singer and actor, plays her in the 2009 Wolverine film. January Jones played Emma Frost, a character on Mad Men. She also appeared in X-Men: First Class. She and Emma Frost share a common trait besides their respective beauty. They are both plastic surgery advocates!

Emma Frost made a number of appearances in video games. Emma Frost starred as the white queen in The Uncanny X-Men & X-Men Madness in Murderworld developed by Nintendo Entertainment system. In a Marve Super Hero Squad Online version, users are able to play Emma Frost. This allows them to defeat enemies with telepathic skills and transform themselves into a super powerful diamond.

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