Fiberglass Flagpoles – The Benefits

Fiberglass flagpoles last a long time and are extremely versatile and sturdy. Fiberglass flagpoles do not become brittle or prone to lightning. Fiberglass poles do not corrode in extreme conditions or near saltwater. Fiberglass poles are stronger than wood and can resist dirt and scratches, click for more info.

Fiberglass flagpoles are up to eighty-foot high. They can be used commercially or for residential use. However, they are only available in white. Manufacturers may arrange for a different colour. Weatherproof coating is required to ensure paint sticks to fiberglass. It is possible to repaint it in a few more decades.

Fiberglass flagpoles look just like aluminum. This refers to the pulley and rope system which raises and lowers your flag. Although external halyards can be more expensive than internal ones, they are generally less likely to be vandalized. Internal halyards cannot be broken down because all moving parts remain within the pole. They can only be accessed by a special winch, or handle.

Inground fiberglass flagpoles need to be ground in concrete and groundleeve, just like other materials. Concrete is extremely corrosive. It should not be used to touch fiberglass poles.

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