Hire Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets are known to be effective in reducing dust and indoor allergens like mould, house dust mites, and fungi. Carpet is not popular with families who have children. Parents are concerned that their children may inhale dirt particles from the indoor air and cause respiratory illness such as asthma, more info?

Even though carpeting can pose a risk to your health, you shouldn’t ban it from your home and office. You can still use it to beautify your interior design with its colorful design and texture.

Clean carpet lessen allergies

A carpet or rug that is regularly maintained and cleaned looks better and smells better. However, it is healthier than carpets that are not properly cared for. This is because well-maintained carpets contain less dust, airborne dirt particles, micro organisms and are less likely to cause allergy symptoms.

You don’t need one in your house or office, so who are you to say no?

Today there are many carpet cleaners available to help you. Although there are so many choices, it is essential to choose the best cleaning method for your carpet.

Carpet cleaning can lead to some serious problems.

It seems to become dirty again quickly after it was cleaned.

After carpet dries, it smells musky.

Carpet colour runs during cleaning process.

Carpets require a lot of time to dry, as it can take up to days for them to dry after being cleaned.

Why choose dry carpet cleaning instead of wet?

To provide a more effective cleaning solution than the current wet carpet cleaning methods, dry carpet cleaning technology (or more accurately called “very low-moisture” carpet cleaning) was developed.

There are two steps to dry carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning with dry compound

A biodegradable cleaner compound or moistured micro sponges will be applied evenly to the carpet. They can then be used to brush into the carpet piles with machines that have inbuilt counter rotating brushes. The sponges will absorb dirt into the carpet. Any soiled materials will be removed from the machine or vacuumed at end.

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