How to Choose a High Quality Water Descaler

Water descalers are the miracle cure to hard water. But choosing the right water descaler can be difficult. Making a decision can be challenging when there are so many choices. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the most efficient water descaler – more about the author?

How to descal water

Water descalers, in general, can be classified into magnetic and electronic types. The magnetic and electronic desalinators both use magnetic fields to alter the mineral properties in water. Although the effectiveness of both types may vary, they can help prevent limescale from forming.

What is the scale of the device?

When you require more storage, then the footprint is more important. While smaller models are easily stored in a cupboard, larger models will require a place in your basement or garage.

Hardness of the water

Water hardness should be considered when choosing a descaler. It may be necessary to use a model with a higher level of strength in order to avoid limescale formation. Test your hardness at home using a kit, or call your water supplier.


The price of a water-decaling machine can vary from less than $100 to more than $300. This shouldn’t be your only consideration, but choosing a model within your price range is important. More money can only be worth it if you get better value and quality.

Guarantees of service and warranties

You should choose a water scale remover made by a company you can trust. This will ensure that the product is backed up with a warranty, and the customer service team is helpful. It can help you feel more confident, and ensure you’ll have the support you need if any problems occur.

Choose the best device for you based on the water hardness and your budget. Also, consider the service quality provided by the company.

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