How to Start a High Pressure Washing Company

You can open your own high-pressure washing business, offering services to businesses, homes, and stores important source. This will allow you to be your own boss and make your own decisions. Because they cannot afford to let their stores look dirty, restaurants and shops are excellent candidates.

You will usually need either a pickup truck or a trailer to haul your equipment. You will also need a high-pressure washer, as well as storage tanks for your water. Some jobs won’t have water, so you may need to bring your own water. If steam is what you prefer, that’s up to you. However, steam can be more expensive than water and high pressure steam washers.

High pressure washing jobs will require that you reclaim any dirty water so it doesn’t go to the storm drains. Before you begin your high pressure washing company, make sure to review all local laws. Pressure washing jobs are typically done when the business has closed. The work of washing homes’ exteriors before they are painted is also very labor-intensive. You can also clean heavy machinery out in the fields. Put together a flyer to contact local painters. For those who need high pressure washing done to their home, you might offer them a percentage of all the jobs they send your direction. It is a good idea to have signs on your car that say you do washing so customers can contact you for more work.

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