It’s Easy to Plan Meals

Do you dread the idea of planning a meal? I’m an entrepreneur as well as a mother, farmer, wife, and wife. So, I always look for ways to save time and simplify the process of food preparation. This is what I did the other evening to show you how simple and quick it was find this.

I started by making an inventory of the things I already owned. In order to create space in my cupboard, I decided I’d take a few minutes to remove old items and items that hadn’t been used for some time. While doing this, i found a bit of brown and a bit of white. The last time I bought it on sale, I popped it in the fridge. Also, I had fresh green bean from my own garden. I was hoping I still had some bacon to use for seasoning. I grabbed the onion in my pantry, along with some seasonings. In order to plan a meal, you need to prepare food. So instead of doing it all tonight I thought why not put the meat in the crockpot at night and then cook the green beans and rice in morning when getting ready for my job. This is what I ended up doing.

I cooked the meat overnight on low, with some seasonings. I removed the chicken, measured out how much liquid was left, and then added it along with two cups of cooked rice. Replaced the lid, and let it cook on low for the rest of the day while I cleaned beans. Then I added two slices of bacon and a small piece of onion. As soon as the bacon started to crisp up, I added the washed beans along with a bit of water. They cooked while I took a hot shower. Twenty minutes after I started the shower, the beans had been cooked and the rice was ready. Then, when I returned home to my delight, my husband had prepared the meal and heated it up. He decided that salsa would go great with it! Yummy!! I did add some Greek yogurt as well. The chicken was shredded perfectly and everything tasted delicious.

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