Learn The Facts About Odors In Soft Furnishing.

Everyone has been there. It’s that embarrassing moment you have when, gasp! Your carpet or couch is the source of the unpleasant smell. Our carpets can retain odors from pet accidents or accidental spills. What can be done to effectively eliminate these unpleasant odors? The science behind services like Cammeray carpet cleaning is a real treat for those who have wondered, discover more.

1. Everything is in the Molecules

The volatile molecule at the center of an odor’s essence is what makes it smell. The molecules enter the nose and are absorbed by olfactory cells, which then send a signal to our brain. It is important to remove or neutralize the molecules that cause odors.

2. Cleaning vs. Masking

The difference between masking an odor with perfumes and cleaning its source is vast. Although air fresheners can provide a temporary solution, they are not able to address the cause. The best cleaning techniques eliminate the smell-causing molecules from the source.

3. Nature’s Enzymatic Cleaners

These cleaners will help us to eliminate organic odors such as pet accidents, food spills and more. Enzymatic cleaners contain enzymes which break down organic matter, effectively “eating out” the source. This is nature’s message to you: “I got your back!”

4. Oxidizing Agents for the Rescue

Some smells need to be tackled more forcefully, particularly those that are persistent. The oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide in particular, works by chemically changing the molecules responsible for the odor, and neutralizing it.

5. Silent Scent Absorbents

Absorbents like baking soda and activated charcoal are great. Like sponges, they absorb and capture unwanted odors. Like they hug the bad odors tight and don’t want to let go.

6. Its role in the pH

A change in pH is a powerful tool for removing odors. As an example, alkaline smells can be neutralized by acidic solutions and vice versa. A balance can be achieved to create a home that smells better.

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