Modular cells offer a wide range of possibilities for corrections.

If you think of a cell in a prison, your mind probably conjures up an image of a very rigid, unchangeable place resources. What if this notion was turned on its side with modular cells which can expand, shrink, and reshape themselves according to the whims of our system. This type of innovation is revolutionizing the world’s corrections. It provides unparalleled scalability, flexibility and adaptability right at the facilities’ doorstep.

Imagine what correctional administrations face. They may be faced with a sudden surge of inmates or outdated buildings that require modernization. Or perhaps they need to partition off certain areas of the facility for those at high risk. Modular cells provide scalable solutions in these situations that traditional brick and mortar simply cannot match. This is like having an assortment of building bricks at your disposal. They can be arranged in any manner you choose.

These modular marvels aren’t only flexible. The modular design of the prisons redefines how incarceration is done. By design, these facilities can be reconfigured with minimal disruption.

Let’s include in our narrative the fact these modular cells don’t compromise on either security or convenience – not at all. They are built according to the same rigorous standards as those of their traditional counterparts. However, they have been designed and constructed using modern materials which can make inmates feel more comfortable. This could translate into improved mental wellbeing for inmates as well as an improved work environment for staff.

The cost is also important. Modular prison cells are the poster child for cost effectiveness in the corrections area. With lower construction and labor costs, the ability of repurposing or resizing these units as needed and the potential for reduced costs, these units are good for the environment and budget.

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