Pet Owners, this is your ultimate guide to cleaning!

The joys of owning a pet! The gentle purrs and wagging paws of our pets fills us with love. They can be a little messy, too, and that’s especially true for carpets. Carpet-pet dance can be a real choreography for pet owners and carpet cleaners in north shore. Explore some clever tips and tricks for keeping those carpets spotless while your furry friend continues to be the boss! Learn more about us.

Vacuum vigilance. The hair from pets has a strange ability to get deep down into carpet fibers. Your first defense is to vacuum regularly. To neutralize pet odors, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the floor before you vacuum.

Accidents can happen to pets, even the youngest ones. Be quick to act if Fido or Whiskers have an “oops” moment. Don’t rub, just blot. For a spot cleaning, use a solution of water and white vinegar.

DIY Deep Clean: Every now and then, deep-clean your carpet. You can spray a mix of water and vinegar on your carpet. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then sprinkle baking soda and vacuum the whole thing up.

Put mats at the entrances. Your pets will be encouraged to wipe their paws before playing (in a playful way).

The Chew Toy: Protect your pet’s favourite chewing area by using a play mat, rug or small rug. Replace a mat rather than recarpeting an entire room.

Odor Oust. Pets are able to emit unique smells when they return from a walk or get wet. Sprinkle baking soda on surfaces overnight. Vacuum the following day.

Professional Touch: Especially in high-traffic areas such as carpet cleaning northshore, you should consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned every so often. These professionals are equipped with the right equipment and know-how to get rid of odors and deep-set spots.

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