Plastic Surgery Is A Good Option For Migraine Relief

The word “plastic surgery” conjures up images of a youth-obsessed culture like ours blog here, where the idea of body parts being made larger than intended is common. Most people learn about plastic surgery from the celebrities and Hollywood types.

It is important to remember that even when talking about cheap plastic surgeries, the procedures are designed to address legitimate needs. Miracles of reconstructive surgeries have changed lives forever for people who suffered from severe injuries like a broken or deviated nose, women with cancer who underwent mastectomies, children with a palate cleft, etc. Cosmetic surgery is now being used to treat migraine headaches, and even help them for a long time.

Up to 30 million Americans, and even more worldwide, suffer from migraines. Many of them are sidelined completely by pain, light, and sound sensitivity, for up two weeks a month. Doctors don’t know what can cause migraines and treating them is a guessing-game. It is possible that a treatment which works for one person may not work at all for another. The same medication might not always be effective for the patient. Patients may see a 50% drop in attacks or pain levels, but this is not a “successful result”.

In 2009 a new hope began to appear. As a result of anecdotal evidence, doctors found that migraines could be relieved by certain types of facelifts. Dr. Bahman Guyuron from the University Hospitals at Case Medical Centre at Cleveland, Ohio performed formal studies of two migraine sufferers. One group received the facial surgery and another group was given a fake surgery. The results were so surprising that even the research group was shocked. Over half of the patients who had the “real” surgery reported complete relief of migraine symptoms within one year. In contrast, less than five per cent of the control group experienced this.

The surgery may be a last-resort when other methods of treatment have failed. However, for those who are at that stage, a cheap, safe and simple plastic surgery can allow them to live a normal life again, free from crippling pain. About 150 doctors were trained by Dr. Guyuron so far. However, the success stories from patients are increasing, and this will allow more migraine sufferers to find relief in the near future.

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