Please help me to close my closed eyes after having eyelid surgery

A simple, yet effective surgery is eyelid blepharoplasty. It will leave you feeling and looking great. You will get best results if you choose an expert in cosmetic surgery. What to do when something goes wrong is essential, clicking here.

Although the problem is rare, it can cause serious problems. It is normal for swelling to occur after surgery. If your eyes feel dry, you may need to exert more energy in order to close them. After eyelid surgery, if you feel your eyes have become dry or itchy, use the eyedrops prescribed by your doctor. If the swelling subsides quickly, you can expect to see your lids return back to normal.

In six weeks you will see an improvement in dry eye symptoms. In certain cases, aggressive surgical procedures may cause permanent damage and worsen the symptoms of dry eyes. Too much upper lid muscle and/or skin can be removed, which may cause you to have difficulty closing your eyelids when asleep. If you visit your doctor about this, it can be resolved. It is important to seek out an experienced eyelid surgery specialist if your lids cannot be closed completely, whether you’re awake or asleep.

What kind of treatment will I require?

Because each individual is different, their situation will determine the best answer. If the nerves supplying the eye-closing muscles are damaged by surgery, this can result. An eyelid procedure can involve the removal of skin and muscles. Blinking too slowly or not hard enough can cause the lids to fail to seal your eye. You can’t get enough tears on the surface of the eye with your lids.

It is possible to increase the frequency of eye drops and/or use ophthalmics if your doctor has prescribed them. In order to maintain the moisture in your eyes, you may be advised by your surgeon to temporarily close tear drains using a plug. Reconstructive eyelid surgery might be needed if these treatments fail to provide comfort. Most likely, you surgeon is anxious to help resolve your issue. It is best to seek out your surgeon whenever possible. Get multiple opinions, if you’re not happy with the results of your recent eye surgery.

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