The 4 Most Common Ways That Plants Harm Your Home

Plants are a great way to add value and beauty to your property helpful hints. For instance, large trees can add mature beauty to a property and provide shade. Grass and shrubs are essential. Shrubs planted near exterior walls will absorb the water that otherwise would seep into the foundation and cause damage to soil. The dangers of plants go beyond poisonous ivy. For example, root damage can be costly to repair. Your property can be damaged by the natural order of your plants. Here are four ways in which your plants can become destructive if they are not watched.

Power Line Problems

Like a small child, high-grown tree branches can reach areas you don’t wish to have them. To prevent your tree branches from reaching power lines and causing power failures or fires, you should hire a tree pruner. Some cities even fine homeowners who don’t take the time to keep their trees branches away all power lines.

The Diseases and Death

Plants do die. Unfortunately, termites can be attracted to dead plants. This is nature’s method of recycling the old plant matter. Once they are attracted to the dead plant, termites can spread into other parts of your home. For example, they could eat the stabilizing frames, decks, roofs, and much more.

As trees mature, their roots expand and grow deeper to absorb more water, as well as to consume the nutrients in the soil. However, the roots may be spread inadvertently beneath your foundation, sidewalks and driveway. This can cause the roots to lift or even penetrate the concrete. You’ve probably seen weeds push through cracks in sidewalks. Imagine what roots up to several inches thick would do. If the damage gets worse, the concrete will crack and take on a different shape. This can lead to a great deal of expensive damage for your house.

Ambitious vines

Vines are beautiful features that give porches and patios a vintage feel. Just keep them off of your exterior wall. Vines that are large enough can damage some types of walls – especially stucco, brick grout and other wall finishes. Even small shrubs and flowers are susceptible to being choked by them. When the vines are younger, you can wrap them around poles or lattice a few inch away from walls. Don’t worry or go on an all-out plant-killing spree in your backyard. Expert contractors have many options to prevent home damage and plant damage. Contractors use BioBarrier protection systems, which involve installing meshes of herbicides around your house’s foundation. This creates a barrier that stops roots from burrowing under or into your house. The BioBarrier protection system can be used to prevent root damage that tears at the foundation of your home and other pavement.

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