Why Multiple eBay Accounts are Important

If you’re selling on eBay only as a hobby and/or just looking to get rid off some items from your house, loft, garage, etc., then this article may not be for you. Instead, it is for those who want to make a living selling on eBay. Let’s read more about How to manage multiple eBay accounts?.

You want to be able buy items on eBay and resell them for a higher profit. When you search for something cool, you may find someone listing it. But they don’t have the finish times or spelling mistakes in the title. Only people who are skilled at research will find it. This means that it is possible to buy it very cheaply. I’ve seen people get something for a few bucks that was worth a few hundred.

These items may be difficult to resell if they were purchased a while back for a few cents. However, people will notice on your feedback that you had purchased them a few weeks ago for a few more dollars. They may also see how you are selling the item for several hundred dollars. However, help is available. You can open a second eBay account and keep one to buy and one to sell.

Most people do not realize that multiple accounts are possible. You just need an individual email address for each account. This can be achieved by purchasing your own domain. Then you can have any number of email addresses you want.

A second reason you might want multiple eBay accounts is that you might be selling different products. One would take from one niche and the other would take form of the other. Simply use another account. It’s simple, quick and easy. If you sell a lot, people might follow you and ask you questions.

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