You Can Easily Plan Your Meals

Do you cringe when you think about meal planning As an entrepreneur, mother and wife, as well as a farmer and wife visit website, I’m constantly on the lookout to reduce my food prep time and make it easier for myself. This is what I made last night to show you how simple it was. First, I took stock of everything I had. I also decided to take 5 minutes to get rid of items that we haven’t touched in a while. I discovered a small amount of brown rice, and a little of white rice. I was certain that I had bought chicken breast at a discount price and I kept it in my freezer.

I had also fresh green beans in my garden so I had bacon on hand to season them. I also pulled out an onion and some seasonings, then got to work. Preparing meals is part of meal planning. Instead of cooking this entire evening, I decided to put the chicken in my crockpot before going to bed. This would allow me to prepare the green beans and rice in the morning when I was getting ready to go to work. So that’s exactly what it was.

I cooked the chicken over night in the slow cooker with additional seasonings. I pulled the chicken out of the crockpot the next morning. I measured the liquid, added more, and then I put 2 cups rice in. I also chopped up some bacon slices and an onion for the beans. After the bacon had browned, I added the cooked beans to the water. I then went back to the shower.

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