You have to weigh the options: professional cleaning service or DIY post-renovation in Malaysia

A renovation completed in Malaysia can be a satisfying experience, but the project also requires a thorough cleaning. In order to make the right decision, property owners need to consider whether it is better for them or their tenants to take care of the post-renovation cleaning themselves. Here, we’ll explore in Malaysia the pros & cons of DIY versus professional after-renovation cleanup services, so you can make an informed decision. You can read this post by DIY Diva Pro about post renovation cleaning.

DIY Post-Renovation Cleaning:


Cost savings
DIY cleaning can save you money. This is an affordable alternative to hiring a cleaner.

When you do the cleaning, it allows for an individual touch. You are in control of the products used, cleaning techniques, and areas to be cleaned.

It is possible to complete the cleaning at a pace that suits you. It is possible to choose how many rooms you want to clean in what order, and when.


After-renovation cleanup is time consuming. Doing this by yourself may take longer than you expect, especially if renovation was substantial. If you don’t do it right, the renovation may cause your space to be less usable and enjoyable.

Skill and Expertise
Cleaners with expertise can tackle the post-renovation clean up efficiently. It is possible that DIY cleaning will not provide the same level of thoroughness or effectiveness as professionals.

Safety Concerns
Often, post-renovation cleanup involves the removal of dust, debris and hazardous materials. Professional cleaners wear safety gear and understand how to deal with hazardous materials.

Cleaning Service Professional Post Renovation:


Efficiency and Expertise
The expertise and efficiency of professional cleaning services is unmatched. Cleaners are trained in the latest post-renovation techniques to ensure a thorough, comprehensive clean.

Specialized equipment:
Pros are equipped to clean after a renovation with cleaning products and equipment designed especially for this purpose. The quality of cleaning is improved by using industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, environmentally friendly solutions, and steam cleaners.

Faster Restoration to Normality:
It is easier to restore order in your office or home by hiring professionals. Because of their professionalism, you will be able to return to normal life sooner.


A professional after-renovation clean costs money. The cost of professional cleaning services after renovations is high.

The Lack of Personalization
When professionals clean, their cleaning techniques are standardised and may lack that personal touch which you can achieve by DIY-cleaning. Communicating your specific needs or preferences to a cleaning service will help them meet those requirements.

Do you depend on your schedule?
This may mean that you need to work with a professional cleaning company whose availability does not always match up with your schedule. You may have to wait if your renovation requires immediate cleaning.

The final decision on whether to hire a professional or do DIY post-renovation clean in Malaysia will depend on your priorities. Your budget is also a factor. DIY is an affordable option, which allows flexibility and customization but lacks the professionalism and expertise that professionals possess. While hiring professionals will guarantee a swift and thorough cleanup, it comes at a high price.

In making this decision, you should consider the extent of your renovations, how much effort you’re willing to spend, and what your cleaning standards are. It doesn’t matter if you decide to take a DIY approach, or hire a professional service, as long as the result is a safe and healthy home.

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