You will be amazed at the electrical work of this contractor

Brilliant Electric Heating and Cooling – the best electrician in San Antonio’s area – is known by this name. Why is this the best contractor? Here’s what you’re about learn.

An electrician is just the beginning. This is a company that is responsible for all construction necessary to design, install, and maintain electrical systems. In order to do this, designs need to be approved and work done in accordance with federal laws and codes.

Brilliant’s engineers design all the systems, and they employ the electricians for the construction.

Electrical contractors are involved in three different functions.

Line contractors build high-voltage and transmissiondistribution lines. Line contractors build high-voltage and transmissiondistribution lines.

These contractors work on the inside of a structure to get power and distribute it. This is the main contractor for cable and electrical design, installation and upkeep. You can hire them to work on commercial, residential or any other type of building.

“Integrated building system” contractors are involved in the installation of low-voltage equipment (think about backup generators for power outages, climate control and energy-efficient lighting systems.

Brilliant Heating and Cooling, Inc. does not install and string high voltage lines. There are large construction companies who do that. The “integrated”, “internal” tasks we do are all done from conception to completion. Brilliant as an electrical contractor allows for a full integration of all results.

Chicago and the collar areas are all familiar to us. In order to conduct building code and plan inspections, we have a working arrangement with municipal authorities.

This is what we offer:

Install electrical panels and/or cabinets. Electrical panels must be functional to ensure that the services are delivered from major distribution points.

We design and install all types of lighting including outdoor, interior, commercial, building or security. For smaller jobs, we are also available.

Design and install new wings and add-ons. Brilliant is also a Lutron dealership. Lutron created the solid-state dimmer in 1959. Since then, they have developed more than 15 000 products. This includes lighting controls both for commercial and residential applications.

Automation of the home, including control from smartphones or remote controls. As at this time, remote controls include tablets.

Installing smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors is essential for home safety and commercial security. Underwriters Laboratory recommends that you replace these detectors every ten to fifteen years.

Locate ceiling and attic ventilation fans. They will help you control the temperature inside the building. These fans are not designed to heat or cool but rather move the air, providing comfort for people in the building.

Measure and locate HVAC systems such as boilers or water heaters.

Plan, install, maintain, and repair an air-quality system.

How to locate, install and service thermostat control systems.

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